For makers of
products & seekers
of meaning.

For makers of products & seekers of meaning.

Every new publication is a glimpse into a new possible future, a desire for a world that might be. It also symbolizes change. Design publishing needs a break from the endless feeds. From the 10-tips, from the dos and don’ts, from the how-tos and the whatnots. Quality requires moving away from quantitative metrics. What’s popular to an algorithm isn’t necessarily good. Design is curation.

DOC (ISSN: 2766-5267) is an editorial platform that explores meaning in the world of design and invites digital product designers to expand their references beyond the UX bubble. We publish stories worth publishing and we keep ideas worth keeping. Everything else is noise. We pause. We breathe. We assimilate. We seek meaning. We document the world of design through the lens of curiosity and awe.

DOC is also a platform to experiment with what is next. Instead of paywalls or centralized accounts, DOC is experimenting with Web Monetization, an open, native, efficient, and automatic way to compensate creators, which is being proposed as a W3C standard at the Web Platform Incubator Community Group. We’re always searching for value and meaning in new possibilities. As such, DOC was conceived as a starting point for the future web3 for content and community building.