Chuánqí Sun

Chuánqí believes in the value of good user experience and worships the power of rapid prototyping. Liberal arts education at Dartmouth College, including introductory-level and yet rigorous training in drawing, photography, film studies, audio-visual programming, and 3D animation. Advocate for pattern libraries as design and documentation systems, and for a future where co-located, co-managed designers and developers integrate their workflows into one that transcends the organizational divide, empowering each other to design the feasible and build the usable. Chuánqí designs and prototypes web UX at Microsoft, where he also pours lots of passion and creative energy into designing and engineering interactive pattern libraries that accelerate exploration and lubricate designer-developer communication.

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The vanishing designer →

“The rise of data-driven culture cultivated a generation of designers who only take risk-free and success-guaranteed steps towards the inevitable local maxima of design monotony....”