Design & Craft


abstract sculpture

Craft →

“On dedication and love for the invisible work.”

closed-in photo of a drill making a hole

Process →

“On building trust, not checklists.”

poetry written with geometric shapes

Beyond form and function: Design is poetry →

“Elevating designs above just form and function.”

illustration of two hands holding a flower

Returning to craft →

“How returning to the craft taught me to be a better leader”

Lena Sotto Mayor →

“Bringing her inquisitive personality into her work.”

Giovanna Cianelli →

“A passion for fine arts, counterculture, and punk music.”

Julia Custódio →

“Searching for the work of Black designers.”

Yumi Shimada →

“Creating literal and metaphorical collages in advertising land.”

Gabriela Namie

Gabriela Namie →

“Discovering design at the same time as her mom.”