Design & Society


sparkling cursor illustration

Inclusivity should not be W.E.I.R.D: Sparkling long-lasting inclusive technology →

“We can change history by enlightening the dark corners of technology.”

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Why do users prefer certain design? Insights from the landscape theory →

“How evolutionary factors of environment perception affect our preferences for a particular design.”

illustration of different bridges

Can a bridge be unethical? →

“Design is inherently ethical. Our methods aren’t.”

abstract minimalistic stairs with an eerie vibe

Dying to be online →

“With life being lived increasing online, how is it that we have thought so little about our ‘digital death’?...”

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The aesthetics of our new fictions →

“Visual symbols are powerful ways to make social constructs – from fashion to government, feel legitimate, trustworthy, and familiar. What's the role that design play in reshaping our society?...”

retro futuristic city landscape

Has the collective pandemic experience reset our relationship with future? →

“The fusion of architecture and cultures that comprised the cityscape of Blade Runner (1982) was a key part in how the narrative humanized the vision of the future. What did that represent for our architectural futures?...”

The designer’s gaze →

“Designers need to start being conscious of the power dynamic between them and the ‘designed for’ and change the way they look at the world....”

illustration of a cyborg reading a law book

Lenses to peek into the metaverse →

“Peeking into Virtual Reality through philosophical, technological, ethical, and cognitive lenses can help designers and engineers be aware of the risks and traumas it can cause....”

genderless written with different fonts

Genderless design is a myth →

“How to deconstruct the gender binary in design and make space for genderfluidity”