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A new editorial platform that documents meaning in the world of design.

How design is governance

At a fundamental level, all design is governance. We encounter inconveniences in our products & services every day which are actually the result of governance decisions made on behalf of customers during the design process.

The aesthetics of our new fictions

Visual symbols are powerful ways to make social constructs – from fashion to government, feel legitimate, trustworthy, and familiar. What's the role that design play in reshaping our society?

Accepting design

How can we redefine our expectations to match our purpose?

As designers are revisiting the role they want to be playing in the world and questioning where we can go from here as a profession, the answer might be more obvious than we all want it to be: learning to separate the craft of making digital products from the industry we’re in.

chisel illustration

The designer’s gaze

The unintended consequences of our designs also have the same effect on the world as the intended consequences.

Can a bridge be unethical?

Designs have ethical consequences, but ethics are not always part of the design process.

The vanishing designer

The rise of customer-obsession mantra and data-driven culture cultivated a generation of designers who only take risk-free and success-guaranteed steps towards the inevitable local maxima of design monotony. Where do we go from here?

Designer sitting in front of a computer but their face is glitchy and you can't see their identity

For makers of
products & seekers
of meaning.

For makers of products & seekers of meaning.

Documenting the world of design through the lens of curiosity and awe.

Stories on past, present, and future

poetry written with geometric shapes

Beyond form and function: Design is poetry →

“Elevating designs above just form and function.”

genderless written with different fonts

Genderless design is a myth →

“How to deconstruct the gender binary in design and make space for genderfluidity”

Sebastião Rodrigues wearing thick glasses

Portugal by Sebastião Rodrigues’ pencil →

“Among the many historical readings that can be made of graphic design in Portugal, one of them will undoubtedly be based on the personal journey of Sebastião Rodrigues....”

photo of old phone numerical keyboard

A brief history of the numeric keypad →

“There’s no logical reason why telephones and calculators use different numeric keypads. So why do we still follow the same convention?...”